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Resellers Center 2.X For WHMCS

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About Resellers Center For WHMCS

Resellers Center For WHMCS gives your resellers the possibility to manage end-clients and their orders through WHMCS!

With this module, your resellers will be allowed to acquire their own customers and assign products, services and domains to them.
Thanks to that, end-clients will be able to easily order services directly from your WHMCS.
Moreover, they will be able to log in to their own WHMCS account in order to manage their services, pay invoices or even create tickets.

  • General Features:
✔ Define Global Configuration And Reseller Permissions
✔ Define Email Templates Available For Rebranding
✔ Define Ticket Department Available For End-Clients
✔ Create & Manage Reseller Groups
✔ Assign Products To Reseller Groups
✔ Define Price Limits And Profit Counting Per Product
✔ Allow Clients To Start Reselling Through Assigning Them To Reseller Groups
✔ Define Domains Discount Per Reseller
✔ View End-Clients As Contacts And Manage Assignment Of Their Products And Domains
✔ View Reseller Profit Earned From Each End-Client Order
✔ VIES Based EU VAT Removal For End-Clients
✔ Define Resellers Branding Permissions
  • Resellers Features:
✔ Create And Manage End-Clients As Contacts
✔ Define Permissions Of End-Clients
✔ Create End-Client Account During Order Creation
✔ Order Products On Behalf Of End-Clients
✔ View Current Balance, Total Profit Made And Credit Balance
✔ Redeem Credit Balance From Current Balance
✔ View Profit Generated By Each Transaction Made By End-Clients
✔ Define Prices Per Product Within Defined Limits
✔ Configure Reseller Brand - Domain, Company Name, Email Signature And Logo
✔ Domain
✔ Company Name
✔ Email Address
✔ Email Signature
✔ Email CSS Schema
✔ Logo
✔ Access Branded Order Links - CNAME Record Is Required
✔ View Email Templates And Modify Them Using Improved Email Templates Editor
✔ Reply To Tickets Of End-Clients
  • End-Client (Contact) Features:
✔ Order Products/Domains
✔ View And Pay Invoices
✔ View And Manage Products
✔ Receive Branded Email Templates
✔ Open And Manage Tickets
✔ Use End-Client Details For Registered Domains
  • General Info:
✔ Migration Tool
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports PHP 5.3 Up To PHP 7
✔ Supports WHMCS Templates Five and Six
✔ Supports WHMCS V6 and V7


Installation of Resellers Center For WHMCS requires a few simple modifications of the template files.

No worries, we will guide you step by step through the entire installation process.


1. Log in to your client area and download Resellers Center For WHMCS Module.
R 1.png
2. Upload and extract the module into the main WHMCS directory.

Files in your WHMCS directory should look like these.

R 2.png
3. When you install Resellers Center module for the first time you have to rename 'license_RENAME.php' file.

File is located in 'modules/addons/ResellersCenter/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

R 3.png
4. In order to configure your license key you have to edit a previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen.
You can find your license key in your client area → 'My Products'.

R 4.png
5. The next step is setting up 'storage' folder as writable.

It is located in 'your_whmcs/modules/addons/ResellersCenter/'.

R 5.png

Activation Of Addon

6. Now, you have to activate the module in your WHMCS system.

Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Click 'Setup' then choose 'Addon Modules'.
Afterwards, find 'Resellers Center' and press 'Activate' button.

R 6.png
7. In the next step, you need to permit access to the module.

To do so, select admin roles which should have access to the module and press 'Save Changes'.

R 7.png
8. It is required to disable auto applying credits.

Otherwise, orders made by resellers' clients will be automatically paid using credits from the reseller's account.
Go to 'Setup' 'General Settings' 'Invoices' and mark 'Disable Auto Credit Applying' checkbox.
Afterwards, press 'Save Changes'.

R 8.png
9. It is required to disable credit card storage. (optional)

Otherwise, credit card details provided by one contact can be accessed by other contact of the same reseller.
Go to 'Setup' 'General settings' 'Security' and mark 'Disable Credit Card Storage' checkbox.
Next, press 'Save Changes'.

R 9.png
10. Afterwards, go to 'Addons' 'Resellers Center' 'Settings' 'Integration Code' and follow the instructions.
R 10.png
11. You have just successfully installed Resellers Center For WHMCS!

Management and Configuration

Management of Resellers Center For WHMCS is very convenient. You can supervise everything from the addon.

What is more, the module extends possibilities of both your resellers and their customers.
Let us find out what our product can do.


In this section you can find more information about global configuration.

Additionally, here you can find a direct link to module documentation as well as migration tool.

Module Settings

In 'Module Settings' tab you can set up global settings of the module.
  • Disable Resellers Center Branding - Allowing resellers to set up custom logo, company name and domain.
  • Disable Products - if checked, end-contacts will be able to view and manage all products related to their resellers.
  • Disable Domains - if checked, end-contacts will be able to view and manage all domains related to their resellers.
  • Disable Tickets - if checked, end-contacts will be able to open ticket in any of existing support departments.
  • Disable Invoices - if checked, end-contacts will be able to view all invoices related to their resellers.
  • Enable Resellers CNAME - enables support for CNAME record pointing from customer domain.

Enables them to offer your products from within their domain.

  • Allow Custom 'Email From' Address - if checked, resellers will be able to set up custom 'Email From' address.
  • Allow Modify Email CSS - if checked, resellers will be able to set up custom email CSS sheme.
  • Resellers Area Button - if checked, 'Reseller Area' button shows up in resellers' client area home page.
  • Select Ticket Department For Reseller's Contacts - Allows you to define ticket department available for end-customers.
  • Select Template For Reseller's Contacts - Allows you to define client area template of end-customers.
R 11.png

Migration Tool

Migration tool allows you to upgrade Resellers Center For WHMCS module to the latest version.

It's required due to completely new logic and as a result new database tables.
More information can be found here.

R 13.png


By pressing 'Documentation', you will be redirected to Wiki article of Resellers Center For WHMCS.
R 13 1.png

Addon Management

In order to grant any of your clients resellers' rights, you need to configure a group first.

To do so, proceed to 'Groups' tab, fill in a group name and press 'Save'.

R 14.png
As you can see, a new group appears on the list.

Press 'Manage' next to it in order to access its configuration.

R 15.png
A new group does not have any product configured.

Choose a new product from 'Add Product To Group' dropdown menu and press 'Save'.

R 16.png
The product needs to be configured, Resellers Center For WHMCS enables you to define:
  • The lowest price - minimum price which can be set for product
  • The highest price - maximum price which can be set for product
  • Admin price - suggested price for a product
  • Counting type - defines a way of counting reseller earnings
  • Profit percent - (if counting type uses it) percentage value granted to reseller for selling this product
  • Profit value - (if counting type uses it) fixed value granted to reseller for selling this product

To confirm settings press 'Save' next to the product you have configured

R 17.png


In 'Sales' tab, you can view all orders made by your resellers' contacts as well as all orders made by your resellers for their contacts.
R 18.png


'Resellers' tab displays all clients from your WHMCS system.

From here you can assign any of them to a reseller's group, which activates them as resellers.
Additionally, this is the place to define discount for domains' prices.

R 19.png


In 'Contacts' tab you can manage your resellers' contacts.

Here you can enable/disable contacts as well as obtain more details about your customers and their contacts.

R 20.png
Click on 'Manage' to view more information about contact's products and domains.
R 21.png
As you can see, all products, services and domains assigned to the reseller account are visible here.

Items assigned to chosen resellers' contact are highlighted in blue, items assigned to other contacts of the reseller are gray, products assigned to the reseller are black.
This is the place to manage items assigned to end-client.

R 22.png
To obtain more information about contacts, simply click on 'Contact Name'.
R 23.png
From here you can manage the contacts and modify their permission.
R 24.png

Email Templates

This section allows you to define which email templates can be edited by your resellers.

Simply, mark checkboxes next to desired email templates to allow their branding and press 'Save Changes'.
'Note: Email templates modified by resellers are stored separately and do no harm to your email templates'.

R 24 1.png

Client Area - Reseller

In the client area your can add new subclients and access Reseller Area.

Access to the Reseller Area is granted only to those clients, whom reseller's groups are assigned to in Resellers Center For WHMCS module.

R 25.png

Adding a Contact

In order to add a new contact, proceed to 'Contacts/Sub-Accounts' and choose 'Add New Contact'.
R 26.png
Fill out contact details and tick 'Activate Sub-Account'.

Afterwards, fill in a password field for your contact, define account permission and email preferences.
Additionally, this is the place to provide end customer VIES/EU VAT ID (EU Companies Only).

R 27.png

Reseller Area

In Reseller Area you can define products prices, set up branding, customize email templates and find branded links to order forms.


Under this tab, you can view your balance, profit made, credit balance and redeem your profit into credit balance.

Besides that, it is the place to view the list of profits made by reselling to your contacts.

R 28.png

Product Pricing

'Product Pricing' tab enables you to define prices for products you wish to offer to your contacts.

Remember, you can define prices only within limits shown as placeholders.
If pricing is not provided, product will not be available for your contacts.

R 29.png


In 'Configuration' tab you are allowed to define your own company name, email signature and logo used across contact's client area, emails and invoices.

Additionally, this is the place to fill in the domain (or subdomain, depending on where you wish to point from), which you can resell products from.

R 30.png
To use your own domain, besides filling it into the 'Domain' field in your reseller area, you have to create a CNAME record to point from your domain.

It is the best solution to point from your subdomain, this way your main domain can be still edited by you.
For example, your subdomain is and WHMCS which you wish to resell products from is
In such a situation, your CNAME would be ' CNAME'.
Important: Don't skip any dot at the end of each domain name in your CNAME record.

Order Links

As soon as you fill in a domain name and point from your domain to WHMCS client area, you can use links listed on this page on your own website.

Your clients will be able to use those links to order products.

R 31.png

Email Templates

This is the place where you can view and edit email templates sent to your contacts.

To edit an email template, press 'Edit' button next to the template you wish to alter.

R 32.png
Finally, edit the email template to suit your needs and press 'Save' button.

Note: During this step you can easily add merge fields using dropdown menus marked on the following screen.

R 33.png


There are three ways to add a product to an end client account, we will show you all of them below.

Assign Product by Reseller

Your resellers can place orders for their own customers as if the orders were for themselves.

The only difference is that they need to choose a contact from 'Subclient' dropdown menu. And that is all!

R 34.png
Both your reseller and the end client will receive an order confirmation email.

Afterwards, when end client logs in to the WHMCS client area, he/she will be able to view and manage previously ordered products.
End clients can also list and pay invoices or create tickets (if these options are checked in the addon module).

R 35.png

Access Order Through Link

Your resellers can use branded links to the product on their websites.

By using them, end-clients are forwarded directly to a product order form.
Note: CNAME record is required in order to allow this step. You can find instruction here.

R 36.png

Access Order From The Client Area

Your reseller's contacts can view order form with the list of products configured by their resellers.

Therefore your reseller's contacts can make orders on their own through using order forms in the client area.

R 37.png

Tickets Management

If you have not disabled tickets in your addon, your resellers will be able to reply and forward tickets created by their contacts.

It is only available for tickets department set in Resellers Center For WHMCS configuration.

R 38.png
On the screen below you can see a ticket created by a reseller's contact from the client area.
R 39.png

Client Area - End Client

End client sees branded client area, email templates and invoices.
R 40.png
Besides that, he can view his profile in order to edit his information.

Additionally, this is the place to fill in their VIES/EU VAT.

R 41.png

General Relations

Relations between Provider, Reseller and Client
Payment system:

In general Reseller receives a product from the Provider and then provides it further to the End Client.
The payment is regulated between the Reseller and Provider and Reseller and End Client exclusively.

Invoicing system:

A standard WHMCS mechanism can be used and 'Disable Invoices' option turned on in the module settings (read more here).
Since End Clients are in practice Reseller's Contacts, they are able to view Reseller's invoices.
This will allow them to regulate the payments directly to a Provider.

Migration From 2.0.5 And Earlier To 2.5.0

Resellers Center For WHMCS 2.5.0 introduces completely rewritten logic and code.

We tore the module down, thought it over, and put it back together as a completely new module adding a lot of new ideas and solutions.
Consequently, additional steps are required in order to upgrade Resellers Center For WHMCS to version 2.5.0.

  1. Both old and new versions have to be activated in the same time. Deactivating the old module will result in losing all information about previous configuration.
  2. Use migration tool to squeeze as much information from configuration of a previous version as possible. Additionally, it will deactivate the old module.
  3. Copy 'license.php' file from 'your_whmcs\modules\addons\mg_resellers' to 'your_whmcs\modules\addons\ResellersCenter'.
  4. Configure products prices inside of resellers groups under 'Addons' 'Resellers Center' 'Groups'.
  5. Ensure all resellers are correctly assigned to groups under 'Addons' 'Resellers Center' 'Resellers'.
  6. Ask resellers to upload their logos once more.

Removing Old Files (Optional)

Here, the list of old files used by a previous version of Resellers Center For WHMCS is shown.

You may restore/remove them, because the latest version of Resellers Center For WHMCS will not use them.

  • Restore following template files to its form from before the integration with the first version of Resellers Center Fro WHMCS (optional):
    • index.php
    • clientareaaddcontact.tpl
    • clientareacontacts.tpl
  • Remove following template files:
    • mg_resellers_invoicepdf.php
    • mg_resellers_viewinvoice.php
    • edit_ticket.tpl
  • Remove folder 'mg_resellers' located under 'your_whmcs\modules\addons\'.
  • Remove file 'class.ModulesGarden.php' located under 'your_whmcs\includes\'. Caution: This file may be used by other ModulesGarden products.


1. You can create a hidden product group visible only for your resellers and their clients.

To do so, create hidden product groups containing products available for resellers.
Afterwards, just assign the product group to the client group in your Resellers Center addon → 'Configuration' tab (assignment is shown on the 3nd screen of this section).

2. If your WHMCS is installed in a subdirectory, your resellers using CNAME record must provide their links with it.

For example, instead of
You can change that behaviour through adding the below code to .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/whmcs-directory/
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /whmcs-directory/$1 [R=301,L]

Result: If hostname is not and path is not whmcs-directory', then redirect to resellers domain with /whmcs-directory.

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. When you use https on main WHMCS and your reseller passes non-https domain, the end client will see a warning message from browser that the certificates do not match.
3. If your contact's invoices are paid from reseller's credit balance, ensure you have marked 'Disable Auto Credit Applying'.

This option can be found under 'Setup' 'General Settings' 'Invoices' .

4. Resellers Center For WHMCS is not fully compatible with our Multibrand For WHMCS module.

If you have Multibrand installed on you system as well, you may encounter some issues connected with configuring domains.
Note! Reseller may use brands' domains assigned to a client, but cannot configure their own domain due to Multibrand module's functionality.

5. Please remember that Resellers Center For WHMCS works flawlessly with the officially supported and pointed in features list templates.

These are: Template 'Six' and 'Five'.
In case you are using some custom template, you must be aware that unexpected errors might occur and we cannot take the responsibility for solving them.

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