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About Translations Tool

Translations tool is an integrated feature designed for seamless, efficient, and user-friendly customization of language files in various capacities.
Its user-friendly design ensures a smooth and efficient process, making it a versatile solution for managing a variety of language file customizations.

Use this inbuilt into a ModulesGarden addon module tool to easily prepare translations of the original English files.

  • Available in Addon Modules:
✔ Password Manager For WHMCS
✔ OpenStack Projects For WHMCS
✔ Hosting Renewals For WHMCS


The Translations tool allows quick, easy and intuitive management of language file customizations of any kind.

Read through the below descriptions to learn how to take the most from this inevitably flexible and helpful tool.

TR 1.png

New Translation

Steps to follow to add a new translation of the module files are very simple. On this page you will find all already created translations, if there are any.

Press 'Add Translation' to begin.

TR 2.png
A new modal will appear, choose the language for which you aim to prepare the translation.

Once confirmed, the language will appear on the list.

TR 3.png
Now you will have to customize the language elements of this translation. Press 'Edit' icon, next to the language.

You will be moved to the next section.

TR 4.png
There are automatically loaded all of the elements from the original module language file. You may now change, modify, delete or basically translate every line or just some of them.

To manage the single language element, press 'Edit' next to this line.

TR 5.png
In dedicated modal form, customize the content according to your needs. Press confirm to finalize.
TR 6.png
Now the new translated element is ready, repeat the steps for every element you wish to translate, modify or customize in any way you need.

Clients and/or admin users using the selected language in their WHMCS will now see the module with the customized langs.

TR 7.png

Module Updates

When your module is updated to a newer version, none of your language changes will be overwritten.
Thanks to this tool, you will no longer have to remember to verify changes and manually update the language file.
If any translation requires action, you will be notified about that so as to ensure immediate changes in individual translations.
TR 8.png
Press 'Update' icon and the tool will detect if there are any new elements added to the main language file (english.php).
If there are any differences, every new line will be displayed in the modal for your knowledge.

Press confirm and all new elements will be added to the selected translation. Then you will be able to modify them or translate them to keep the translation updated.

TR 9.png

Additional Actions

Translations tool offers a few extra features that will help you speed up and facilitate the customization of language files. These are:
  • 'Cloning Translation
  • Importing Translation
  • Exportint Translation
TR 10.png
You may clone a translation, that is the customized file content form one language directly to a new one.
This feature is helpful when you have no differences, or very few differences between two translations.
TR 11.png
Upload a ready language file from your disk directly to the module. The selected in the 'Target Language' field language will create the content of the uploaded file.
This feature is especially helpful if you already use other than default 'english.php' files and wish to use our tool for future updates and management.
TR 12.png
To export a translation simply select the language you are interested in and save its content as a .json file on your disk.
TR 13.png


1. The 'Translations' tool is currently available in the Password Manager For WHMCS addon module only, in version 3.2.0. and later.
With further updates of other addon modules from our offer, it will be implemented into each one of them. Please follow the changelogs or list of features to see if the module of your interest includes this feature.
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