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Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS

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An updated documentation of the module (version 1.1.0) can be found at the following site

Article update is ongoing on this page, watch out for broken links, unclear descriptions and images!
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.


About Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS

Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS is a one of a kind product built to simplify and attract the ordering process at the same time.

You will be granted numerous options to customize the ordering pages, including the division into one or two pages and choose the page layout.
If integrated with Lagom WHMCS Client Theme, your order pages will boost with some extra, eye pleasing, options.

  • Client Area:
✔ Completely Redesigned Order Process
✔ Attractive And Customized "Modern" Layout
✔ Responsive Design With Mobile Support
✔ Improved Order Conversion Rate
✔ Reduced Shopping Cart Abandonment Rate
✔ Order Process In One Or Two Steps
✔ Quick Navigation Between Product Groups
✔ Package Slider To Display Multiple Products
✔ Domains And TLDs Showcased In Spotlights
✔ Customized Order Fields With HTML Support
✔ Customized Images, Colors And Styles For Configurable Options And Product Addons
✔ Percentage Pricing Comparison Of Billing Cycles To The Shortest One
✔ Prices Discounts Applied Due To Discount Center For WHMCS Integration
✔ Fees And Discounts Applied Due To Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS Integration
✔ Support For All Ordering Features
✔ Intuitive Products And Product Group Selection
✔ Adding Products And Product Addons To Shopping Cart
✔ Registering And Transferring Domains
✔ Working With MarketConnect Products
✔ Working With WHMCS Metric Billing
✔ Applying Promo Codes
✔ Changing Billing Cycles
✔ Changing Currency
✔ Customizing Configurable Options
✔ Providing Client And Product Custom Fields
✔ Support For All Payment Gateways
✔ Login With Existing Account Or Creating New One
✔ Compatible With WHMCS Built-in "Twenty-One" Theme And "Lagom WHMCS Client Theme"
  • Admin Area:
✔ Choose Available Templates:
✔ Order Form Type:
✔ One Step
✔ Two Steps
✔ Step By Step (Coming Soon)
✔ Order Form Layout
✔ Sidebar Summary
✔ Bottom Summary
✔ Package Type:
✔ Default Style
✔ Horizontal
✔ Apply General Settings:
✔ Disable Order Form Redirection
✔ Hide Group Name From Suboption Name
✔ Set Browser's Title Bar
✔ Hide VAT Number Field For Selected Countries
✔ Apply Layout Settings:
✔ Display Package Navigation Tabs
✔ Use Simplified Order Summary
✔ Display Package Slider
✔ Select Promotion Code Suffix Location
✔ Select Order Fields Location
✔ Apply Domain Search Box Settings:
✔ Show Domain TLDs Dropdown
✔ Show Domain Spotlights
✔ Apply Pricing Options:
✔ Hide Currency Selector
✔ Display Price Suffix
✔ Apply Billing Cycles Settings:
✔ Automatically Select The Longest Billing Cycle
✔ Show Prices Comparison
✔ Hide “Select” Buttons
✔ Select Billing Cycles Order
✔ Select Number Of Columns For Desktop View
✔ Apply CAPTCHA Settings:
✔ Enable hCaptcha Support
✔ Select Protection:
✔ For All Users
✔ For Unlogged Users Only
✔ Disabled
✔ Select Pages For Protection:
✔ Client Registration
✔ Contact Form
✔ Domain Checker
✔ Login Forms
✔ Shopping Cart Checkout
✔ Ticket Submission
✔ View And Manage Orders List With Created Order Fields
✔ Customize Payment Gateways
✔ Assign Custom Icons To Gateways
✔ Use Prepared Icons From Library
✔ Upload Custom Icons To Any Gateway
✔ Add And Manage Custom Order Fields:
✔ Select Order Field Type:
✔ Checkbox
✔ Dropdown
✔ Input text
✔ Provide Order Field Name And Description
✔ Select Order Field Requirement
✔ Manage Configurable Options:
✔ Display In Single Section
✔ Add Titles And Descriptions
✔ Select Description Type
✔ Select Display Type
✔ Select Illustration Type
✔ Add Customized Image
✔ Define Color
✔ Select Suboptions Groups
✔ Hide Zero Prices
✔ Manage Product Addons:
✔ Add Customized Image
✔ Select Image Display Form
✔ Define Color
✔ Manage Media Library:
✔ Upload And Remove Custom Images Used In Order Form
✔ Additional Integration With "Lagom Client Theme":
✔ Seamless Layouts Blending
✔ Featured Additional Styles:
✔ Default
✔ Modern
✔ Depth
✔ Futuristic
✔ Five Color Schemes Per Style
  • General Info:
✔ Fully Integrated With Lagom Client Theme 2.1.0 And Later
✔ Integrated With Discount Center For WHMCS For WHMCS - Manage Discounts Applicable To Order Of Defined Combination Of Products (read more)
✔ Integrated With Payment Gateway Charges For WHMCS - Include Extra Fees And Discounts Based On Multiple Conditions (read more)
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports PHP 7.2 Up To PHP 7.4
✔ Supports WHMCS "Twenty-One" Theme
✔ Supports WHMCS V8.2 And Later
✔ Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version

Installation and Configuration

The below instructions will direct you through the whole installation and configuration process of Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS.

Do not hesitate, just take a closer look at the screenshots and their descriptions to get clear directives and tips.


1. Log in to our client area and download the module.
LOF 1.png
2. Upload and extract the extension into the main WHMCS directory.

Extracted files in your WHMCS directory should look like this:

LOF 2.png
3. When you install 'Lagom One Step Order Form' for the first time, you have to rename the 'license_RENAME.php' file.

The file is located in 'modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

LOF 4.png
4. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit the previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen. You can find your license key in our client area → 'My Products'.

LOF 5.png
6. Now, set up the 'storage' folder as recursively writable.

This folder is available at 'your_whmcs/modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/'.

LOF 6.png
7. Finally, set the 'htaccess' file rule

Open the 'htaccess' file, you will find it in the main root directory.

8. If you have 'fully friendly rewrite' set up, you will have to paste the below rule underneath 'RewriteBase /' :
   RewriteBase /
   RewriteRule ^order/(.*)$ order.php?m=OneStepOrder&gid=$1 [L]

Otherwise, create the below rule above the WHMCS rules:

  RewriteBase /
  RewriteRule ^order/(.*)$ order.php?m=OneStepOrder&gid=$1 [L]
*9. This step is optional:

If you are using an NGINX server, it is advised to add the below lines into its configuration file. Otherwise, the module might not work properly.

 location /order {
   rewrite ^/order/(.*)$ /order.php?m=OneStepOrder&gid=$1 break;
 location /modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/api/ {
    try_files $uri $uri/ /modules/addons/LagomOrderForm/api/index.php?$args;

Remember to adjust the above example to your WHMCS location.


9. Now, you have to activate the module in your WHMCS system.

Log in to your WHMCS admin area and proceed to 'System Settings' 'Addon Modules'.
Afterward, find 'Lagom One Step Order Form' and press the 'Activate' button.

LOF 9.png
10. In the next step you need to permit access to this module.

To do so, click on the 'Configure' button, tick checkboxes to assign desired admin roles.

LOF 10.png
11. You have just successfully installed Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS!


Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS has been designed to give flexibility for the clients and allow to configure it to specific business needs.
Below we will describe all the available customization options.

Addon Configuration


Begin by navigating to the “Lagom One Step Order Form” addon in your WHMCS admin area, there the “Templates” section will be opened by default.
LOF 11.png

Order Form Type

In the 'Order Form Type' section you may choose which of the available order types should be used in the client area. You may choose between three types, these are:
  • One Step
  • Two Steps
  • Step by Step* (available soon)

For detailed description with visualization in the client area look below.

LOF 11 1.png
The first one, called 'One Step' allows you to decide whether to show all of the product configuration options on a single page only.

Note that at the beginning of the ordering process your client will be able to switch between different product packages within a specific product group.

Client area view:

LOF 12.png
When the 'Two Steps' option is selected, the order process is divided into two separate steps, where the first one allows you to choose a product to order.
In the second step the configuration options available for the previously selected product are displayed.

Note: It is not possible to switch between products if this order form type is selected.

Client area 'Step 1' view:

LOF 13.png
Client area 'Step 2' view:
LOF 14.png
'Step by Step' - this option is not yet available, it will be added to the module in one of its upcoming versions.

Order Form Layout

The second option to customize the template is dedicated to the location of the "Order Summary" element - 'Order Form Layout'.

There are two possibilities to choose from:

  • Sidebar
  • Bottom

Underneath you will find details of every possible choice with its visualization in the client area.

LOF 15.png
Sidebar - if selected, the 'Order Summary' box is displayed on the right side in the client area order page.
The summary box is always affixed to the top of the browser screen, so clients will also have quick access to the complete summary of the current order.
LOF 16.png
When the 'Bottom' option is selected, the 'Order Summary' box will be displayed at the end of the order process.
LOF 17.png
In case of the 'Bottom' order form layout, a quick summary bar with the total amount and the checkout button will be available at the very bottom of the screen.
LOF 18.png

Package Type

This selection of the 'Template' setting, defines the layout of the product package that will be used. You can choose between two options: 'Default' and 'Horizontal'.
LOF 19.png
Client area view of the 'Default' package type:
LOF 20.png
Client area view of the 'Horizontal' package type:
LOF 21.png


Navigate to the 'Lagom One Step Order Form' addon, 'Settings' tab. There you may manage all the extra layout settings:
  • Package Slider - decide whether you would like to use a slider to view the content of a product group that contains more than three packages in the case of the 'Sidebar' order layout,
    and more than four packages in the case of the 'Bottom' order layout.
  • Simplified Summary - if enabled, the "Order Summary" box displays only 'Totals' and 'Total Due Today' values.
    It will not display any details about added products, domains or addons.
  • Display Price Suffix - if enabled, the currency suffix is shown next to the price.
    However, it is important to previously configure the currency and its suffix details in your WHMCS admin area settings, based on their video tutorial
  • Show Domain Spotlights - allows you to display "Spotlight TLDs" which have been previously configured in WHMCS settings.
  • Display Navigation Tabs - if this option is enabled, the additional navigation tabs are shown below the main header title.
  • Disable Redirection - if enabled, automatic redirection from standard WHMCS cart and order pages will be turned off. When clients use a ready link to e.g. a cart, it will be displayed with a standard WHMCS view.
  • Hide Currency Selector - toggle to hide the currency switcher that is visible on the order page if just one currency is active in the WHMCS system
  • Hide VAT Field - select countries for which the 'VAT Number' field in the account details will be hidden
  • Browser's Title Bar - if you want to change the default title tag, enter here a new phrase, it will be visible in the title bar at the top of the browser window in the client area
LOF 22 0.png
Package Slider - decide whether you would like to use a slider to view the content of a product group that contains more than three packages in the case of the 'Sidebar' order layout,
and more than four packages in the case of the 'Bottom' order layout.
LOF 22.png
Although the 'Slider' option is enabled, your clients still have the option to display all of the packages at once, without the need to scroll them horizontally.
When All option is on, all products in the package are displayed in multiple rows.
LOF 23.png
When the Simplified Summary option is enabled, the "Order Summary" box displays only 'Totals' and 'Total Due Today' values.
It will not display any details about added products, domains or addons.
LOF 24.png
When the Display Price Suffix is enabled, the currency suffix is shown next to the price.
However, it is important to previously configure the currency and its suffix details in your WHMCS admin area settings, based on their video tutorial
LOF 25.png
Show Domain Spotlights allows you to display "Spotlight TLDs" which have been previously configured in WHMCS settings.
When the Show Domain Spotlights option is disabled, no domain TLDs are displayed below the domain search bar.
LOF 26.png
When the Display Navigation Tabs option is enabled, the additional navigation tabs are shown below the main header title.
The navigation tabs include the product groups, which previously must be configured in WHMCS settings.
LOF 28.png


The 'Gateways' section is dedicated to super easy customization of your payment gateways.
You can quickly upload new gateway logos and assign them to the order payment gateways with just a few simple clicks.
LOF 29.png
In order to successfully upload a gateway logo, follow the below steps:

1. Upload a new icon in the "Icon Library" section

LOF 30.png
LOF 30 1.png
2. Assign newly uploaded graphics to a specific gateway by pressing the "Click to assign icon" box.
LOF 31.png
LOF 31 1.png

Client Area

An exemplary ordering process in the client area where the 'Twenty-One' theme is used in the WHMCS system.

Important: It is possible to use the Lagom One Step Order Form For WHMCS module without the Lagom WHMCS Client Theme. The module remains fully usable and all available features are supported when the standard WHMCS "Twenty-One" theme is used.
The only limitation concerns the number of supported styles and their color schemes. For "Twenty-One" theme, the "Modern" style with "blue" color scheme is used by default and there are no extra options to choose from.

Take a look below to see how such ordering pages may look like.

Here you can see an example of a "One Step" order form view with the 'Package Slider' option turned on, 'Sidebar' order form layout and 'Default' package type.

LOF 32.png
The next example illustrates the "Two Steps" order form view.

In this option, the first steps is dedicated to selecting product packages:

LOF 33.png
In the second step, the rest of order configuration takes place.
LOF 34.png


1. Adding a new language.

If you want to change the WHMCS module language, go to the following folder:


Copy english.php file and rename the newly copied directory with your desired language, for example italian.php. Then, open your personalized file now and replace particular sentences.

2. The module supports language Overrides.

The language file english.php is uncoded and can be freely modified. However, it is advised not to change this file itself, it is recommended to use overrides.

  • Open the overrides within the ~/lang/ directory.
  • Next, create or copy the language file you are going to change. If you want to, for example, create an override for the English language, you will have to create the following directory:
  • Open the just created file to edit its content.
  • At the top of the file you must point the used code, for example: <?php for PHP code.
  • Change the file content according to your needs. You may enter only single variables to be overridden or change all the lines in the language file.

For example:


$_LANG['order_new_product'] = 'You’re almost there! Complete your order';


 $_LANG['order_new_product'] = 'Complete the order';
3. Additional URLs used as direct shopping cart links.

Linking to WHMCS with additional URLs is supported by the module, yet only the two below formats are allowed, make sure you do not use any other format:


  1. ?promocode=testcode
  2. promocode/testcode


  1. ?billingcycle=annually
  2. billingcycle/annually


  1. ?addons=10,22
  2. addons/10,22

Exemplary supported links with additional variables used:

  2. https:/
4. The module supports URLs leading to a product page with specified configurable options and currency.

Exemplary URL:  


  1. a=confproduct - required parameter
  2. configOption1 - stands for the configurable option name
  3. 5 - value, e.g. ID configurable option value  


  1. domain - required parameter
  2. - target domain name to search

Update Instructions

An essential guidance through the process of updating the module is offered here.

Make sure that the Lagom One Step Order Form version, which you are going to install, is compatible with your WHMCS and Lagom WHMCS Client Theme installations!

  1. Create a backup copy of your WHMCS files and database.
  2. Download the latest version of the module from our client area
  3. Remove all the files of the previous module version from the WHMCS root directory (except the license.php file).
  4. Extract the `.zip` folder that has been downloaded from the client area.
  5. Upload the `/php71+/` content to your FTP server.
  6. Make sure that during the upload process all the files have been correctly uploaded and no errors occurred.
  7. Clear your browser and server cache (for example Cloudflare).
  8. Clear the WHMCS template cache in: Utilities → System → System Cleanup → "Go" → "Empty Template Cache".

Upgrade Instructions

Keep in mind there is a quick and easy option in our client area that will let you upgrade the license of your module to an open source version at any time - and at a lower price!

To take advantage of it, simply use the License Upgrade button located on the product's page and a discounted invoice will be generated automatically.

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. Third-party modules that manipulate or affect the ordering process pages will NOT be compatible with Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form.
Lagom WHMCS One Step Order Form is a separate module, it works independently and it is NOT based on any default WHMCS order process template.

The module is not yet compatible with the below modules from ModulesGarden offer:

  • Discount Center For WHMCS (compatible yet in version 1.1.0)
  • Payment Gateway Allocator For WHMCS (compatible soon)
  • Product Cross-Selling For WHMCS (compatible soon)
  • Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS
  • Resellers Center For WHMCS
  • Multibrand For WHMCS
  • Stripe SEPA Payments For WHMCS
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