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Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS

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About Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS

Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS is a modern security tool that assures protection to mail servers from any kind of threats.

The module allows to perform the core management actions on the Proxmox Mail Gateway services directly from your WHMCS, from both the admin and the client side.

ModulesGarden is official Proxmox Solution Partner. Our products and services are recommended by Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH.

  • Admin Area Features:
✔ Create/Suspend/Unsuspend/Terminate Service
✔ View/Edit Service Configuration:
✔ Domain Name
✔ Transport Host/Port/Protocol
✔ MX Usage Status
✔ Configure Product Details
✔ Allow User To Change Domain Name
  • Client Area Features:
✔ Order Service For Mail Server Domain
✔ View/Edit Service Configuration:
✔ Domain Name
✔ Transport Host/Port/Protocol
✔ MX Usage Status
  • General Info:
✔ Deliver Proxmox Mail Gateway Security Solution To Protect Clients Mail Servers Against Threats
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports Proxmox Mail Gateway 7.X And Later
✔ Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.3
✔ Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
✔ Supports WHMCS V8.8 Back To WHMCS V8.3
✔ Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
✔ Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version

Installation and Configuration

This tutorial will show you how to successfully install and configure Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.


1. Log in to our client area and download the module.
PMG 1.png
2. Upload and extract the extension into the main WHMCS directory.

Extracted files in your WHMCS directory should look like this:

PMG 2.png
3. When you install Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS for the first time, you have to rename the 'license_RENAME.php' file.

The file is located in '/yourWHMCS/modules/servers/ProxmoxMailGateway/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

PMG 3.png
4. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit the previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between the quotation marks as presented on the following screen.
You can find your license key in our client area → 'My Products'.

PMG 4.png
5. Now, set up the 'storage' folder as recursively writable.

This folder is available at '/yourWHMCS/modules/servers/ProxmoxMailGateway/'.

PMG 5.png

Server Configuration

6. Now, we will show you how to configure a new server.

To do so, log into your WHMCS and go to 'System Settings' 'Servers'.
Once you are there, press 'Add New Server'.

PMG 6.png
7. Next, enter your server name, hostname and IP address, username and password. Choose 'ProxmoxMailGateway' from a dropdown menu.

If you want to provide data for a Linux user account in 'Authentication' select 'Linux PAM standard authentication' , and for ProxmoxMailGateway user select 'Proxmox Mail Gateway authentication server'.
Remember to save the changes when ready.

PMG 7.png
8. After you configure your server correctly, you will see the following screen.

At this point, you need to create a new group for your server. For that purpose, press 'Create New Group'.

PMG 8.png
9. Enter the name, click on your previously created server, press 'Add' and then 'Save Changes'.
PMG 9.png

Configuration of Product

10. In order to create and configure a product, go to 'System Settings' 'Products/Services' 'Products/Services'.

Click on 'Create a New Group'.

PMG 10.png
11. Enter your product group name and press 'Save Changes'.
PMG 11.png
12. Once you have a product group, you can create a new product.

To do so, first click on 'Create a New Product'.

PMG 12.png
13. Afterward, choose your product type, enter your product name, choose module and the product group from the dropdown menus. Press 'Continue'.
PMG 13.png
14. At this moment, in the product 'Details', you may also check the 'Require Domain' option as providing a domain must be a required step in the service ordering process.
Alternatively, you may add an adequate custom field to let the clients enter the domain name there (see step 17).
PMG 14.png
15. Now, go to the 'Module Settings' section, choose your previously created server group from the dropdown menu.

If you did not set the proper permissions, you will be asked to do it now.

PMG 15.png
16. Let's start configuring the product settings finally. Choose whether you wish to allow your clients to change the domain name or not.
Toggle the 'Change Domain Name' option and save the changes.
PMG 16.png
17. In case you did not mark the 'Require Domain' option in the product 'Details' (step '14th'), move to the 'Custom Fields' tab and create a 'domain|Domain' custom field.
Do not forget to mark it as a 'Required Field' and 'Show On Order Form'. Only then your clients will be able to successfully order and use this security tool for their relay domains.
PMG 17.png
That is all. Your product is now ready to use so move to the following sections to learn about all the possibilities it may give you and your clients.


In this section we will show and discuss every benefit that using the Proxmox Mail Gateway solution may bring.

Go through the below descriptions to become familiarized with all the options of this security tool may offer you.

Admin Area

Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS allows you to monitor and edit your service configuration details from the admin area of your WHMCS system.

This includes supervision of such features like:

  • Domain Name
  • Transport Host
  • Transport Port
  • Transport Protocol
  • MX Usage Status

Basic module commands that can be executed on the service:

  • Create
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Terminate
PMG 18.png


That is how an exemplary page with the order may look like. Please be aware that a domain is obligatory when placing the order.
The relay domain may also be provided in the form of a custom field to be filled in depending on the product configuration, just like on the screen below.
PMG 20.png

Client Area

Proxmox Mail Gateway For WHMCS assures protection to your clients' mail servers against threats. Your clients are allowed to view and edit the service details, including:
  • Domain name
  • Transport of Host, Port and Protocol
  • MX Usage Status
PMG 21.png
Edit the service details, press the edit icon marked on the below screen. A new widow will appear.
PMG 22.png
You may now change your service for mail server details. Select options, change the configuration.
Remember to confirm your changes in the end.
PMG 23.png


Update Instructions

Essential guidance through the process of updating the module is offered here.

Keep in mind there is a quick and easy option in our client area that will let you upgrade the license of your module to an open source version at any time - and at a lower price!
To take advantage of it, simply use the License Upgrade button located on the product's page and a discounted invoice will be generated automatically.

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
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