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How To Change WHMCS Module Design

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The following article contains all the information on how to adjust the module look and feel to your needs and preferences.

Take a quick look to learn when and how to do any changes by yourself or order the template integration service by professionals.

Change Module Design

Frequently our clients use customized templates in their system, which our modules might not integrate with, and additional adjustments to their code may be required.

In order to meet your expectations, we allow establishing such compatibility by yourself. All you need to do is perform necessary modifications to the unencrypted files responsible for the user interface included in the product's package.
The .tpl files can be found in the 'templates' folder in the module directory. Mentioned files are not coded and are available for you to freely adjust their content, no matter what type of a license you own.
There are only two requirements that you have to meet, these are:

  1. You must be familiar with CSS on the basic level at least.
  2. The currently used template in the client area should be close to the themes provided by WHMCS, that is 'Six' based or 'Twenty-One' based, as only these two are officially supported by ModulesGarden modules.
    In case of the admin area template that is 'Blend'.

If you fulfill these two conditions, there is nothing on your way that can stop you from introducing any changes in the modules' look and feel on your own.

Template Integration

There is one more situation when you might want to introduce some changes in the module look, yet the theme you are currently using is already strongly customized and your basic knowledge of CSS turns out insufficient.

We are always here to help you!

Every module in ModulesGarden offer, among many other features, has the one that, in this situation, will prove extremely beneficial. That feature is "Support For Template Customization".

A team of professional designers and web developers at ModulesGarden partner company can perform all claimed modifications required to smoothly integrate the user interface of a single product with your customized template.
The template integration service is always charged individually, you may order it both at the checkout and in the 'Additional Services' tab located on the product's page.
Additionally, for your convenience, this service is completed within 5 business days from the moment of the payment.

All you have to do is contact ModulesGarden Support team and ask for details of the 'Template Integration' offer. You will immediately get any information on the offer and a fully customized and prepared individually quotation.

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