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PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS

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About PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS

PKNIC Registrar For WHMCS is a domain registrar module that brings automated provisioning and management of Pakistan (.pk) domains within the WHMCS environment.

This module empowers your clients to effortlessly manage Pakistani domains directly within your client area.

  • Admin Area Features:
✔ Register And Renew .PK ccTLD Domains
✔ Modify Contact Details
✔ Update Nameservers
✔ Toggle Domain Auto Renewal
✔ Monitor Account Credit Balance With Dashboard Widget
  • Client Area Features:
✔ Register .PK ccTLD Domains
✔ Toggle Domain Auto Renewal
✔ Manage Nameservers
✔ Update Contact Details
  • General Info:
✔ Supports PHP 8.1 Back To PHP 7.4
✔ Supports WHMCS Themes "Six" And "Twenty-One"
✔ Supports WHMCS V8.10 Back To WHMCS V8.6
✔ Requires ionCube Loader V12 Or Later
✔ Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version


This tutorial will show you how to successfully install PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

1. Log in to our client area and download the module.
PDR 1.png
2. Extract the package and upload its content into the main WHMCS directory.

The content of the package to upload should look like this.

PDR 2.png
3. When you install PKINC Domain Registrar For WHMCS for the first time you have to rename 'license_RENAME.php' file.

The file is located in 'modules/registrars/pknic_domain/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

PDR 3.png
4. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit a previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen. You can find your license key in our client area → 'My Products'.

PDR 4.png
5. Now you have to activate the module in your WHMCS system.

Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Go to 'Setup' 'Products/Services' 'Domain Registrars'.
Afterwards, find 'EURid' and press 'Activate' button.

PDR 5.png
6. In the next step, you need to set up access to the PKNIC panel API.

To do so, fill in 'API Endpoint', 'API Username' and 'API Token' fields with your PKNIC reseller's account details.

Important: If you cannot locate the access credentials within your reseller panel, consider reaching out to [email protected] for assistance in obtaining them.

Next, confirm by clicking the 'Save Changes' button.

PDR 6.png
7. You have just successfully installed PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS!

Configuration and Management

PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS enables you to offer .pk ccTLDs from PKNIC through the WHMCS system.

Furthermore, PKNIC Domain For WHMCS empowers your customers to oversee their domains directly from the WHMCS client area.

Management of TLDs

Adding a new TLD is a straightforward process. Follow these steps:
  1. Navigate to "System Settings" → "Domain Pricing".
  2. Enter the desired .pk TLD to add
  3. From the "Auto Registration" dropdown menu, select 'PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS' as displayed on the screen.
  4. You can also determine whether to provide additional features to your customers, such as ID Protection
  5. Finally, click 'Save Changes' to confirm your settings.
PDR 8.png
Navigate to the 'Pricing' section and configure the pricing for the domain TLD.
PDR 9.png
In the newly opened window, you have the opportunity to customize your pricing. Be sure to save your changes once your configuration is complete!
PDR 10.png
That is all! Your customers can now begin ordering '.pk' domains directly from your WHMCS client area.

Ordering Process

The process of ordering a PKNIC domain is similar to ordering any other domain.
Simply search to see if the domain is available, add it to your cart, and mange the created set of nameservers. Then, proceed to complete the order.

Important: When registering a new domain, a set of nameservers is created and assigned to the just registered domain.
In case the domain is not registered by the module but is imported into WHMCS, please ensure, before importing, that this domain has its own dedicated set of nameservers, which are not shared with other domains.

PDR 11.png

Domain Management

In the admin area, under the client overview, navigate to the 'Domains' tab, where you can oversee all aspects of the domain.
In addition to basic actions such as 'Register' and 'Renew', you also have access to the 'Modify Contact Details'.

Please note that in order to get the EPP code, you will have to contact [email protected] for any specific information.

PDR 12.png
You have the flexibility to control your management tools by enabling or disabling the following options:
  • DNS Management
  • Email Forwarding
  • ID Protection
  • Auto Renew

Simply toggle the corresponding button for each option. Once yo have made your selections, confirm the changes by clicking the 'Save Changes' button.

PDR 13.png

Client Area

Your customers can perform various actions on their Pakistani (.pk) domain in the client area.

Let's start by overviewing the basic information related to the domain.

PDR 14.png
On the 'Auto Renew' tab, clients can easily toggle auto-renewal on or off by clicking the 'Enable Auto Renew' or 'Disable Auto Renew' button.
PDR 15.png
The 'Nameservers' tab allows clients to update and change the nameservers used by their domain.
PDR 16.png
Under 'Addons' section, clients can conveniently purchase available addons and manage the ones they already own.
PDR 17.png
Under 'Contact Information' section, your clients have the option to view and update the technical and billing contact information.
PDR 18.png

Widget Management

Thanks to an inbuilt widget, you can keep track of the current credit balance through a handy widget on the dashboard.

Proceed to 'WHMCS Dashboard' → 'Show/Hide Widget Setting' Find on the list and enable the 'PKNIC Registrar Balance' widget.

PDR 19.png
Monitor the current credit balance per the following account types: 'I'/'L'/'LD':
PDR 20.png


1. As soon as a domain expires in the panel, its status in the WHMCS system is synchronized.

Update Instructions

An essential guidance through the process of updating the module is offered here.

Ensure successful completion of the module update by carefully following each step, thereby preventing data loss or any unforeseen issues.
Additionally, you will find a current list of supplementary actions necessary for a smooth update process there.

Upgrade Guide

Seeking a solution that offers greater flexibility, customization tailored to your precise needs, and unrestricted availability?
There is an option that not only proves to be cost-effective in the long run but also includes prioritized support services, making it a truly valuable investment.

Opt for the Open Source version of your PKNIC Domain Registrar For WHMCS module to unlock these benefits.
Simply click on either the Get Source Code or Upgrade To Lifetime button found on the product's page in our client area to complete the one-step upgrade process, with a dedicated discount already applied.

Follow a comprehensive guide covering the transition process, the advantages it brings, and step-by-step instructions on what to do next after the order has been successfully finalized.

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
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