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Domain Orders Extended 2.X For WHMCS

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About Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS

Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS allows you to group domains into categories and perform bulk actions on multiple domains.

The module lets your clients perform multiple lookup and checkout for domain names in a single request, in the entirely new domain order form in the WHMCS client area.
Worth mentioning feature is a domain spinner based on eNom and OpenSRS that will automatically suggest your clients domain names which may interest them.
In addition, the module supports gTLDs and ccTLDs allowing your customers to conveniently order their favorite domain names without leaving your website.

  • Client Area Features:
✔ Three Custom Domain Order Forms - Support For gTLDs And ccTLDs
✔ Bulk Search Order Form
✔ Multiple Domain Spinners (Name Suggestions) - Based On eNom And OpenSRS
✔ Multiple Lookup For Domains In One Request - Supports eNom And OpenSRS
✔ Multiple Checkout Of Domains In One Request
✔ Ajax Search - One By One
✔ External Forms - Three Types Of Lookup
  • Admin Area Features:
✔ Group TLDs Into Categories & Subcategories
✔ Make Bulk Changes On Multiple TLDs:
✔ Create
✔ Set Pricing
✔ Change Domain Prices - Fixed Or Percentage
✔ Delete Categories, Prices And TLDs
✔ Change Categories And Registrars
✔ Add Your Own Lookup Submodules
✔ Choose Domain Lookup Submodule - eNom, OpenSRS Or Default
✔ Choose Domain Search Form - Multiple Domains, Single Domain Or Category Search
✔ Define Prefixes And Suffixes Of Suggested Domains
✔ Import TLD Sets From Predefined List
✔ TLDs Filtering
  • General Info:
✔ Migration Tool
✔ gTLDs & ccTLDs Support
✔ IDN Support
✔ Integrated With Domains Reseller For WHMCS - Efficient Domains Reselling With Your Own API (read more)
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports PHP 5.4 Up To PHP 7
✔ Supports WHMCS Templates Five and Six
✔ Supports WHMCS V6 and V7


This tutorial will show you how to successfully install Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

1. Log in to your client area and download the module.
2. In the downloaded file you will find two packages that support different PHP versions.
As presented on the screen below, the first one is dedicated to PHP 7, while the second one is aimed at PHP 5.4 up to PHP 5.6.
It does not apply to open source versions.

Note: You can check current PHP version in your WHMCS. To do so proceed to 'Utilities' → 'System' → 'PHP Info'.

3. Extract the downloaded file and choose the one with the right PHP version. Upload and extract the PHP file into the main WHMCS directory.

The content of PHP version files should look like this.

4. When you install Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS for the first time you have to rename 'license_RENAME.php' file.

File is located in 'modules/addons/TLDsForm/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

5. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit the previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen. You can find your license key in your client area → 'My Products'.

6. Now you have to activate the module in your WHMCS system.

Log in to your WHMCS admin area. Go to 'Setup' 'Addon Modules'.
Afterwards, find 'Domain Orders Extended' and press 'Activate' button.

7. In the next step you need to permit access to this module.

To do so, click on 'Configure' button, select administrator groups which should have access to this addon and press 'Save Changes'.

8. You have just successfully installed Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS!

You can access your module in 'Addons' 'Domain Orders Extended'.

9. The last step concerns confirming the usage of default WHMCS lookup module.

Go to 'Settings' tab and press 'Update Settings' button.

DOE2 7 1.png

Configuration and Management

Domain Orders Extended will help you with the management of your domains and their pricing.

It will also reduce the time required to do any actions on the domains due to implemented bulk actions feature.
Additionally, you can group TLDs into categories and decide which TLD is assigned to which registrar.

Add Category

Let's start from creating a category, go to your addon → 'Domain Categories'.

Afterwards, enter category name into 'Categories Names' field and press 'Create Categories' button.
Note: You can create a multiple quantity of categories at once. To do so, simply fill in one category per line in 'Categories Names' field.

DOE2 8.png


In order to add a new TLD, go to your addon → 'Bulk Actions'.

Afterwards, press 'Add TLD To List' button and type your TLD (both 'com' and '.com' forms are acceptable).
Note: You can create a multiple quantity of TLDs at once by repeating this step.

DOE2 9.png
Now, select a previously created category, unmark 'Toggle Autoupdate Mode' and enter pricing for the chosen TLDs.

To disable pricing term, mark 'Toggle 0 and -1 Price Ignoring' checkbox and type '0' for Register or '-1' for Transfer and Renew.
On the following screen you can see 2 TLDs with only 2 payment terms enabled for Register, Transfer and Renew.
Note 1: Autoupdate mode will automatically fill in the fields, on the right side of field you are currently filling in, with incremented values.
Note 2: While 'Toggle 0 and -1 Price Ignoring' is enabled, you need to make changes in TLD's yearly price to apply other price changes for selected TLD.
Note 3: Disable single currency for selected term by unchecking box next to it.

DOE2 10.png
The last step is assigning registrar to TLDs, select 'Basic' category (it contains all the previously created TLDs) and press 'Bulk Registrar Change'.
DOE10 1.png
Afterwards, select a desired registrar and press 'Update Registrars' button.

TLDs Configuration

In 'TLDs Configuration' tab you can view all the information related to your TLDs, like their categories, assigned registrars and prices.

To switch between Register/Renew/Transfer pricing, select one from the marked dropdown menu and press 'Filter Results'.
To display/hide TLDs assigned to a category, press the category name as shown on the following screen.

Another useful feature enables you to make quick changes, like altering assigned registrar, category or pricing in a specific term.

To make such adjustments, simply press value you desire to change and fill in a new value.
Registrar and category values are saved automatically, whereas price changes must be confirmed as shown on the following screen.


Bulk Actions

Our module allows you to order actions on multiple TLDs simultaneously. There are three methods to do it.

The first way: go to 'TLDs Configuration' tab and mark checkboxes next to TLDs you want to order action on.
Afterwards, press the button bounded to a certain action. For example, to change category of all selected TLDs press 'Bulk Category Change'.
The second method: go to the 'Category' tab and press 'Bulk Actions For Domains'.
Last but not least method, number three: go to 'Bulk Actions' tab and manually add TLDs to 'Domains List'.
Below we will guide you through the available bulk actions.
Note: On the following screen you can see the first method.

As soon as you are move to bulk actions, you can switch between them via entering different tabs marked on the following screen.

Note: You can also add new TLDs or already existing ones to the bulk action you are currently performing.
Simply, press 'Add TLD' button under TLD list and type TLD you wish to add.



In bulk 'Set Pricing' action you can set a new pricing or copy the pricing assigned to any of the existing TLDs.

Disable 'Toggle Autoupdate Mode' if you are not going to set up all of the payment terms.
Afterwards, fill out fields and press 'Save Pricing'.

DOE2 17.png
If you desire to copy the pricing from other TLD, choose it from 'Copy Pricing From' dropdown menu. The pricing will be automatically updated.

You can also reassign category of selected TLDs, simply type its name into 'Assign To Category' auto-complete box.
Confirm changes through pressing 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the page.
Note: If category you entered does not exist, it will be automatically created.

DOE2 18.png

Pricing Change

If, for some reason, you need to change the payment for TLDs by fixed or percentage value, then our module will make it available to you.

In 'Price Change' you can change pricing of selected TLDs by fixed or percentage amount specified by you.
Start by selecting change types from 'Increase/Decrease ' and 'Percentage/Fixed' dropdown menus.
Afterwards, type the value to change by and press 'Submit Changes'.
Setup shown on the following screen will remove 10% value of prices from every field of chosen TLDs.


Delete Pricing

In 'Delete Pricing' tab, you can remove the pricing from selected TLDs.

To do so, simply press 'Yes, Proceed' button.


Change Category

To assign selected TLDs to one category, go to 'Change Category' tab.

Afterwards, type a category name into 'New Category' auto-complete box.
If category you entered does not exist, it will be automatically created during the process.


Registrar Change

Bulk actions tab allows you to change registrar.

Proceed to 'Registrar Change' tab, select desired registrar and press 'Update Registrars'.

DOE21 1.png

Duplicate TLDs

Here you can create duplicate of TLDs and copy them to chosen category.

Note: Any changes made to pricing or registrar of original TLD take effect on duplicate and vice versa.

DOE21 2.png

Delete Domain

You can also remove chosen TLDs.

To do so, move to 'Delete Domain' tab and press 'Yes, Proceed'.


Domain Categories

In 'Domain Categories' you can add new categories and manage existing ones.

You can also order bulk actions for the TLDs assigned to a specified category by pressing 'Bulk Actions For Domains'.

DOE2 23.png
Additionally, you can view TLDs assigned to categories.

Simply, hover over the fields in 'Domains' column as shown on the following screen.

DOE2 24.png
Here you can also change the positioning of categories. To change the order they are displayed simply drag a category and drop it in the required place.
DOE2 24 1.png

Predefined TLDs

You can install predefined sets of TLDs. Proceed to 'Predefined TLD Sets' tab.

As you can see, TLDs are sorted into three tabs. Each tab contains TLDs sorted into categories, each category can have its own subcategories.
Mark checkbox as shown on the following screen to mark all TLDs that belong to a selected category and press 'Install Extensions'.

DOE2 25.png
TLDs installation from selected subcategories is also possible, press category name to extend it and show all of its subcategories.

Afterwards, mark checkboxes next to the desired TLDs and press 'Install Extensions'.
Note: This way you can install multiple TLDs from different categories, the only limitation are tabs. You can install TLDs from one tab at once.

DOE2 26.png


In 'Settings' tab you are able to define behavior of the module as well as configure external lookup module.

Module Settings

Here you can set up behavior of the Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS module.

Depending on the domain search type:

Single Domain Search

1. Replace Standard Registrar With Module Order Form - if marked, a standard registration form will be replaced with Domain Orders Extended form.
1.1. Provide path to the external form that shall be used.
2. Enable Auto Expanded Categories In TLD Configuration - categories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.
3. Enable Auto Expanded SubCategories In TLD Configuration - subcategories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.
4. Save Searched Domain Details
5. Sort TLDs Vertically In Client Area

DOE2 26 1.png
Multiple domain Search

1. Replace Standard Registrar With Module Order Form - if marked, a standard registration form will be replaced with Domain Orders Extended form.
1.1. Provide path to the external form that shall be used.
2. Load Results On Lookup Page - if selected, results will be displayed on current site, no redirection will take place.
3. Enable Auto Expanded Categories In TLD Configuration - categories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.
4. Enable Auto Expanded SubCategories In TLD Configuration - subcategories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.
5. Save Searched Domain Details
6. Sort TLDs Vertically In Client Area

DOE2 26 2.png
Category Search

1. Suggested Prefixes - allows you to define the list of prefixes used to create suggested domains.
2. Suggested Suffixes -allows you to define the list of suffixes used to create suggested domains.
3. Replace Standard Registrar With Module Order Form - if marked, a standard registration form will be replaced with Domain Orders Extended form.
4. Enable Auto Expanded Categories In TLD Configuration - categories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.
5. Enable Auto Expanded SubCategories In TLD Configuration - subcategories will be expanded automatically in the addon → 'TLDs Configuration'.

DOE2 26 3.png

Domain Lookup Module

The ability to order a group of domains entails a large quantity of requests.

Default WHMCS lookup module may work extremely slowly while checking a large amount of domains. Therefore we integrated an additional lookup module.
To use the external lookup module, select it from a 'Domain Lookup Module' dropdown menu.
Next, fill in module configuration.

DOE2 27.png
Additionally, you can define configuration of the domain spinner.

Press 'Update Settings' to save changes.

DOE2 28.png

Integration Code

'Integration Code' tab contains integration code allowing your clients to access bulk domain lookup form.

The form must be located in the location defined under 'Path To External Form' field in 'Settings' page.
As you can see on the following screen, you can choose from a wide variety of domain order forms.
Additionally, you can check here if Domain Orders Extended domain order form is currently used.


Client Area

Now, we are about to show you the main functionality of this module, which is placed in the client area.

Domains Lookup & Order

As soon as you check 'Replace Standard Registrar With Module Order Form', your clients will see a way different domain order form under 'Domains' → 'Register a New Domain'.

They can choose even domains using gTLDs and ccTLDs!
Important: Custom order forms are not supported by 'Ajaxcart' order form template.

TLD Visibility
Your clients have access only to the TLDs assigned to categories.
Clients can search TLDs by categories or switch back to 'All Categories' and use quick search.

Single Domain Search

Basic search form of Domain Orders Extended. It allows your clients to easily check availability of a chosen domain using multiple TLDs.
DOE2 30.png

Multiple Domains Search

This search form extends Single Domain Search by the ability to lookup multiple domains using different TLDs at once.

Note: When switching between categories, TLDs chosen in other categories are not cleared.
Therefore your clients can order domains with TLDs from different categories during one order.

DOE2 31.png
After lookup, your clients should have a view similar to the one on the following screen.

If some of the domains are unavailable, clients can go to domains www address, view its whois and transfer it.

DOE2 32.png
For available domains, clients can decide if they want to order domains, and select registration period from a dropdown menu.

If clients do not want to order some of the domains, they have to unmark checkboxes next to those domains.
Press 'Proceed To The Cart' to continue shopping.

DOE2 33.png

Category Search

Category Search allows you to define TLD for suggestions, top grossing and suggested TLDs.
DOE2 33 5.png

Domain Spinner

Owing to integration with eNom and OpenSRS, our module allows you to enable domain spinner for your clients.

Let's take a look at how it works, for this purpose, order single domain with 2 TLDs.

DOE2 33 1.png
As you can see, domain spinner shows domains with similar names to the one you were looking for.

It is extremely useful when the domains you were looking for are already taken.

DOE2 33 2.png
Now, make another lookup, but this time enable 'Enable Multiple Domain Search' in the module settings.

Additionally, unmark 'Enable Transfer For Domain Spinner' in the lookup module settings.
Fill in 2 domains, choose 2 TLDs and press 'Check Availability'.

DOE2 33 3.png
As shown on the screen below, domain spinner mixed domain names you were looking for.

Additionally, since 'Enable Transfer For Domain Spinner' is unmarked, domain spinner suggested only unregistered domains.

DOE2 33 4.png
As you can see, our inbuilt domain spinner will suggest your customers the domain names that should interest them.

This will definitely come in handy and will let your clients order their favorite domains quickly and capably. Make sure that you have enabled this functionality!

Bulk Search

Clients are allowed to choose what type of selection they want to use. Find 'Domain Search' dropdown and select the manner domains will be searched for you.

Choose between 'Bulk Search', 'Bulk Search Available' and 'Bulk Search Transfer'. Pressing any of the three options means being redirected to a separate form.

DOE33 6.png
Enter domain names into a text field. Please enter one domain per line. Forms 'example' and '' are allowed.
DOE33 7.png
A list of available domains will appear in a moment.
Depending on searching type, among results there can be domains available to transfer, only available domains or all of them.
DOE33 8.png
You may come back to the standard lookup at any time, simply press 'Domain Search' in dropdown menu.
DOE33 9.png


You can easily upgrade your Domain Orders Extended For WHMCS 1.0 to the latest version owing to the migration tool.

1. First of all, deactivate the module under 'Setup' 'Addon Modules'.
2. Next, upload and extract the latest version of Domain Orders Extended archive to your WHMCS main directory.
3. Remove content of 'templates_c' folder located in 'your_whmcs\template_c'.
4. Activate the module and assign permission to it under 'Setup' 'Addon Modules'.
5. Proceed to 'Addons' 'Domain Orders Extended' 'Migration Tool' and press 'Migrate' button.

As you can see, 'Migration Tool' disappeared from the module navigation, we will not need it any more due to a successfully completed migration.


1. TLDs are hidden for clients as long as they are not assigned to any category.
2. In case you are using other template than 'default', some files need to be copied from 'default' template.

These files are:

  • domainorder.tpl
  • domaintabs.tpl
  • gettemplatesfromcat.tpl
  • listalldomains.tpl
  • listavailabledomain.tpl
  • listavailabledomains.tpl
  • listspinner.tpl

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. If you encounter error:
Fatal error: main(): Failed opening required '/whmcs/modules/addons/TLDsForm/TLDsForm.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear') 

in /var/www/whmcs/admin/configaddonmods.php on line 0, please check if module files have a correct chmod.

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