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Zendesk For Blesta

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About Zendesk For Blesta

Zendesk For Blesta integrates two great platforms, Blesta and Zendesk - a top quality customer service tool.

With our extension your clients will be able to manage Zendesk tickets directly in your Blesta client area.
This extension replaces a standard Blesta client area support system with Zendesk, allowing you to easily manage all the tickets.

  • Client Area Features:
✔ Open New Ticket
✔ Manage Existing Tickets
✔ Fill Out Zendesk Ticket Fields
✔ Attach Files To Ticket
✔ View Ticket Statistics
  • Admin Area Features:
✔ Display All Tickets Of Selected Client On Their Page
✔ View Ticket Content In Zendesk
✔ Toggle SSL Verification
✔ Select Zendesk Brand
✔ Define Plugin Behaviour
✔ Allow Attachments
✔ Define Ticket Status Colours
✔ Run API Connection Test
  • Integration:
✔ Export New Tickets To Zendesk
✔ Export Clients To Zendesk On Tickets Creation
✔ Synchronize Ticket Responses Between Blesta And Zendesk
✔ Transfer Ticket Fields Settings
  • General Info:
✔ Supports Multiple Attachments In Single Ticket Message
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports PHP 5.4 Up To PHP 7
✔ Supports Blesta V3 and V4
✔ Easy Module Upgrade To Open Source Version

Installation and Configuration

This tutorial will show you how to successfully install and configure Zendesk For Blesta.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.


1. Log in to our client area and download the plugin.
2. In the downloaded file you will find two packages that support different PHP versions.
As presented on the screen below, the first one is dedicated to PHP 7, while the second one is aimed at PHP 5.4 up to PHP 5.6.
It does not apply to open source versions.
ZB2 1.png
3. Extract the downloaded file and choose the one with the right PHP version. Upload and extract the PHP file into the main Blesta directory.

The content of PHP version files should look like this.

4. When you install Zendesk For Blesta for the first time you have to rename 'license_RENAME.php' file.

File is located in 'plugins/zendesk/license_RENAME.php'. Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php'.

5. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit the previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen. You can find your license key in our client area → 'My Products'.



API Connection

Before we proceed to the configuration of the plugin, you have to generate your API details to connect with your Zendesk account.
Firstly, log in to your Zendesk admin area in order to enable API access.
Go to 'Admin' 'Channels:' 'API'. There, in 'Settings' section find 'Token Access' and enable it.
Add new token or use existing one. Copy an active API token.

IMPORTANT: Copy and keep your API token in a safe place. You will need it in a moment to complete the configuration of the plugin.

Now go to 'Settings' → 'Security' → 'End-Users' section and enable 'Single-Sign On'.
Here you can also check your remote login URL and remote logout URL.
Don't forget to press 'Save tab', you will find at the bottom of the page.
Scroll down to the bottom of page and find 'Shared Secret' section. Press 'Regenerate' to get a new shared secret token or use an existing one.
Copy and keep your 'shared secret' in a safe place. We will need it in the next step.

Note that Shared Secret is not required for Zendesk plugin to work itself. It is needed for SSO only.


Server Configuration

Now, you have to install the plugin in your Blesta system.

Log in to your Blesta admin area and proceed to 'Settings' → 'Plugins' → 'Available'.
Afterwards, find 'Zendesk' and press 'Install' button.

Next, you may move to the second part of configuration.

Press 'Manage' under installed Zendesk plugin.

Here, you have to enter any data required to connect your Blesta with Zendesk server.

Enter your 'Zendesk Account' details that you have generated in the previous steps.

  • Account Name - this is your subdomain e.g. in account name will be modulesgarden
  • Admin Username - administrator's email used to log into your Zendesk account
  • API Token - API key generated in the previous steps
  • Shared Secret Token - Shared Secret key generated in the previous steps
  • SSL Verification- check this box if you want to turn on SSL certificate verification.
  • Brand - if you have Zendesk Multibrand feature enabled on your account you can choose a brand here

Finally, test connection, if it is successful save the changes.

That is all! Your Blesta is now connected with Zendesk support system.


Once Zendesk For Blesta is installed and connection configured, you can create/update your ticket departments and begin using it.

Read the sections below to see how the two systems work together when integrated.



Underneath the API connection details ('Plugins' → 'Installed' → 'Zendesk' → 'Manage') there is 'Options' section where you may customize a bit your plugin.
  • Show Solved Tickets - if you enable this option, all tickets will be displayed on the list of the latest tickets
  • Shared Login Redirection - if enabled, user is redirected to Zendesk panel after successful shared login
  • Replies Descending Order - enable this option and ticket replies will be sorted by date in descending order when viewing a ticket
  • Clients Can Attach Files - if enabled attachments will be available for clients
Next to the 'Options' box you will find a box where you can assign some colors to a specific ticket status.

Click on the field to choose a color from the palette of colors or type in the number of the color you like.
Tickets of each status will be marked with selected colors on homage.
Remember to save the changes if you make any changes in ticket settings.



Ticket Departments

You may start with creating or updating your people groups in Zendesk that you wish your end-users used in Blesta.

Each group you create in the Zendesk will be available as a ticket department for your customers in Blesta client area.
Move to 'Your Zendesk' → 'Admin' → 'Manage' → 'People' → 'Groups', and edit/add groups.

As you can see, the created groups are available for your clients in the ticket creation form.
According to the selection here, the ticket will be automatically assigned to such group in Zendesk.

Ticket Fields

You can also manage ticket fields, that are available in Blesta on a new ticket form, directly in Zendesk.

Move to 'Your Zendesk' → 'Admin' → 'Manage' → 'Ticket Fields'. On this site you can activate/deactivate/edit any system and custom fields or add new ones.
For test purposes we activated and adjusted 'Priority' field according to our needs.

A new field appeared in Blesta client area. Edit/add ticket fields to adjust the ticket form perfectly to your needs.

Support Tickets

Move to your client area. There, on your homepage, is a 'Recent Support Tickets' box.

You will find there the latest tickets available in your system. The visible tickets are marked with colors related to their current status.

Now, we will create a ticket message to show the flow. Just like in case of standard Blesta support ticket, choose department and then enter subject.
Type in the ticket message and fill out any additional ticket fields that you feel are useful and will help you get a satisfactory answer faster.
Submit the ticket.
A new ticket, sent with Zendesk For Blesta extension, is immediately visible in Zendesk admin area.
Do not hesitate and send a reply to this ticket.
Client has received an answer. Note that the ticket status has been updated as well.


1. If you create a custom field in Zendesk, it will be also visible in Blesta. Custom fields need to be enabled/visible/editable_by_client.
2. When you add ' |clientservice' at the end of the custom field title, a select with list of products and domains will show up.
3. Since Zendesk does not fully support Blesta option to reopen closed tickets, 'Close ticket 4 days after status is set to solved'
option is currently the only possibility to get around it. To enable configure this option proceed to Zendesk → Business Rules → Automations.
Find there the option and edit it.
Here you can configure the time until when tickets can be reopened by an answer from the client.
Maximum possible time is now 672 hours (28 days).

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. When you try to open a new ticket and you get error 'Unable to authenticate', this means that the user's email is already registered in Zendesk, but it's not verified yet.

To solve the problem log in to your Zendesk admin area and verify the email through clicking 'Verify now' as presented on the screen below.

3. Blesta currently does not support the accounts synchronization with external systems.

Consequently, if clients change their email addresses in Blesta and then open a ticket, automatically new account with such email address is created in Zendesk.

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