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Team & Task Organizer For Magento

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About Team & Task Organizer For Magento

Team & Task Organizer For Magento allows you to schedule, organize and manage tasks which should be done by you and your employees.

The extension enables adding, editing and removing tasks, as well as assigning them to particular staff members. All these and much more in a convenient admin panel widget.
In addition, the extension offers the possibility to schedule auto tasks that will be created upon occurrence of a specified event.

  • Features:
✔ Add Task
✔ Edit Task
✔ Delete Task
✔ Assign Task To Any User
✔ Set Up Privileges For Any User
✔ View List Of Tasks Assigned To You
✔ View List Of All Tasks
✔ Auto Tasks - Create Task Upon Previously Defined Event
✔ View Statistics
✔ Task List Widget
  • General Info:
✔ Open Support Ticket Directly From Extension
✔ Integrated With ModulesGarden Base For Magento (read more)
✔ Multi-Language Support
✔ Supports Magento Up To


This tutorial will show you how to successfully install Team & Task Organizer For Magento.

We will guide you step by step through the whole installation and configuration process.

1. Log in to our client area and download Team & Task Organizer For Magento.
TTOM 1.png
2. Upload and extract the extension into the main Magento directory.

Files in your Magento directory should look like this.

TTOM 2.png
3. When you install Team & Task Organizer For Magento for the first time you have to rename 'license_RENAME.php' file.

File is located in '/app/code/community/Modulesgarden/Teamandtaskorganizer/license_RENAME.php' . Rename it from 'license_RENAME.php' to 'license.php' .

TTOM 2 1.png
4. In order to configure your license key, you have to edit a previously renamed 'license.php' file.

Enter your license key between quotation marks as presented on the following screen. You can find your license key in our client area → 'My Products' .

TTOM 2 2.png
5. Now you have to clear cache at your Magento system.

Log in to the Magento and go to the 'System' 'Cache Management' .
Press 'Flush Magento Cache' and 'Flush Cache Storage' . Afterwards, relog in to the system.

TTOM 3.png
6. You have just successfully installed Team & Task Organizer For Magento!

Configuration and Management

Team & Task Organizer For Magento allows you to easily manage your team, automatize creation of tasks upon defined events and manage all existing tasks.

Your Tasks List

In order to view list of tasks assigned to you, proceed to the 'Team and Task Organizer' 'Your Tasks List' .

All information concerning your tasks can be found here.
In addition, you can perform various actions on your tasks, such as adding a comment, editing it or even removing it completely.

TTOM 4.png
To improve it even more, we added a possibility to filter tasks using form marked on the following screen.
TTOM 5.png

Add Task

You can easily create new tasks, press 'Add New' to proceed.
TTOM 6.png
On the following screen you can see how a new task for admin Jack Terre is created.

This task concerns important installation service for client John Smith.
After filling in all fields, press 'Save' to create this task.

TTOM 7.png


'Statistics' page allows you to view statistics of task sorted by status and priority.

You can also view list of tasks which are currently in progress.

TTOM 8.png


At the 'Settings' tab you can define behaviour of our extension.

1. Defines position of widget in your Magento admin area.
2. Defines actions for which notification will be sent to admin via email.
3. Time between refreshes of the widget.

TTOM 9.png

Task List Widget

You can access Task List widget from any place of your Magento admin area.

Press 'Task List' as shown on the following screen to unfold it.

TTOM 10.png
Here you can see information about your current task.

In addition, you can easily change its status using buttons in 'Action' column (red).
You can even access comments made to this task using 'Comments' button (green).

TTOM 11.png

Admin Control Panel

At the admin control panel you are able to view list of all tasks, set up privileges to your admins and even set up auto tasks.

Tasks List

You can access list of all tasks under 'Admin Control Panel' 'Tasks List' .

It is similar to the 'Your Tasks List' page. The only difference is that it shows all existing tasks instead of your tasks only.

TTOM 12.png

User Privileges

Our extension allows you to set up privileges of your admins for actions made inside of the extension.

'User Privileges' page can be accessed under 'Admin Control Panel' 'User Privileges' .
In order to set up privileges to one of your admins, press 'Privileges' next to her/his email address as shown on the screen below.

TTOM 13.png
User privileges are divided into three parts. First of them contains the most crucial permissions.

1. Allows to create a new task.
2. Allows to assign created task to any admin.
3. Allows to create a new automatic task (automatic task creation upon defined events).
4. Allows to assign privileges to admins.
5. Defining admins for whom statistics will be displayed at the 'Statistics' page.
Admins permission shown on the following screen allows to create task for any admin and view statistics that concerns the particular admin only.

TTOM 14.png
Second part concerns tasks assigned to admin himself.

1. Allows to edit own task.
2. Allows to remove own task.
3. Allows to add comments to own task.
4. Allows to modify own comment.
5. Allows to remove own comment.
6. Allows to modify other admin comments left on admin task.
7. Allows to remove other admin comment from admin task.
Privileges shown below allow the admin to fully control his own tasks.

TTOM 15.png
At the third part you can set up privileges regarding tasks of other admins.

1. Defines task of other admins visible for admin you are setting privileges for.
2. Allows to edit task of other admin.
3. Allows to remove task of other admin.
4. Allows to add a comment to other admin's task.
5. Allows to edit own comment at other admin's task.
6. Allows to edit other admin comment at other admin's task.
7. Allows to remove own comment from other admin's task.
8. Allows to remove other admin comment from other admin's task.
Admin with privileges shown below can modify tasks of other admins, but is unable to remove anything.

TTOM 16.png

Auto Tasks

Auto tasks allow you to set up creation of desired task upon defined events.

Proceed to 'Admin Control Panel' 'Auto Tasks' and press 'Add New' to create a new auto task.

TTOM 17.png
Let's fragment it down into its individual parts and describe each of them separately.

For purpose of sample, we will create auto task, which will be triggered after creation of a new user.
It will create a new task 'Client verification' assigned to Tim Black, have medium priority and contains details of client.
Event - defines event upon which task is created.
Status - enable/disable this auto task.
Admin - new tasks will be assigned to him.
Description - description of created tasks, uses variables marked on the following screen.
Priority - priority of new tasks.
Send Notification - if marked, it will send an email upon task creation.

TTOM 19.png

Auto Tasks - Conditions

Team & Task Organizer For Magento allows you to do even more owing to conditions functionality.

Press 'Conditions' to proceed.
Note: This version allows you to set up conditions to 'After New Order' event.

TTOM 20.png
You can edit any bold text through pressing it and choosing desired value. Press '+' to add new condition and 'x' to remove existing one.

Conditions shown on the following screen will create task only if client chooses DHL International Express shipment method and total value of order twhich is greater than 100$.

TTOM 21.png
Press 'Save' to confirm conditions or 'Delete' to remove auto task.
TTOM 22.png


1. You can easily open a ticket and ask us about your extension.

Simply, go to your extension → 'Open Support Ticket' page, fill form and press Open Ticket' button.

TTOM 23.png

Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. Error 'The page you requested was not found, and we have a fine guess why.' encountered while choosing 'Shipping method' condition.

Reason: This is related to Magento bug with missing DHL configuration variables.
Solution: To solve this please go to 'System' 'Configuration' 'Shipping methods' 'DHL' and save the configuration.

3. In case of any problems with the extension, that were not mentioned in this article, proceed to Common Problems With Magento Extensions article.
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