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ModulesGarden Base For Magento

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About ModulesGarden Base For Magento

ModulesGarden Base For Magento is a free addition to any of our extensions and themes.

It allows you to be up to date with currently installed ModulesGarden extensions as well as view other ModulesGarden products for Magento.

  • Features:
✔ View The List Of Installed Extensions And Themes
✔ Access Quick Links To Wiki & Changelogs Of Extensions And Themes
✔ Access ModulesGarden Store For Magento
✔ View ModulesGarden Tweets Concerning Magento
✔ Receive Notifications Associated With Extensions And Themes
✔ View Customization Ratio Of Your Magento
  • General Info:
✔ Integrated With ModulesGarden Themes
✔ ModulesGarden Extensions Styles Collection
✔ Supports Magento Up To


ModulesGarden Base For Magento is provided along with each of our extensions and themes.

Note: The only exceptions are our free extensions and themes downloaded directly from Magento Connect.
Therefore, there are no steps required besides those listed in the extensions' installation (except step 5th).
However, if you need to install ModulesGarden Base For Magento as a standalone extension, proceed with the steps shown below.


1. Download ModulesGarden Base For Magento.
MGB 1.png
2. Upload and extract the extension into the main Magento directory.

Files in your Magento directory should look like these.

MGB 2.png


3. Now, log in to Magento and go to 'System' 'Cache Management'.

Press 'Flush Magento Cache', otherwise ModulesGarden Base will not even appear in your system.

MGB 3.png
4. Re-log into Magento admin panel.
5. The last step is setting up the module cron job (required for notifications).

To do so, edit 'Log.php' file located in 'your_magento/shell/' folder.
Afterwards, add this line at the top of the file:

6. You have just successfully installed ModulesGarden Base For Magento!

Configuration and Management

ModulesGarden Base For Magento allows you to track currently installed extensions as well as view all ModulesGarden products for Magento.

Installed Extensions

On this page you can find the list of installed ModulesGarden themes and extensions as well as other installed extensions.

As you can see on the following screen, ModulesGarden themes and extensions allow you to quickly jump to their documentation and changelogs.

MGB 5.png
Besides extensions, this page shows you your system customization ratio.

Its value depends on how heavily your system is modified.

MGB 6.png

Store & Notifications

This page contains the list of all ModulesGarden extensions and themes for Magento.
MGB 7.png
Under 'Notifications Management' section, you are able to set up notifications about:
  • a new version of the extension you already have
  • a new extension or upgrade of an existing extension
  • ModulesGarden extensions or themes promotions/discounts
  • other messages
MGB 8.png
Additionally, you are able to view the latest ModulesGarden tweets concerning Magento.
MGB 9.png


Common Problems

1. When you have problems with connection, check whether your SELinux or firewall does not block ports.
2. In case of any problems with the extension, that were not mentioned in this article, proceed to Common Problems With Magento Extensions article.
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